The Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss

Date: Jan 29, 2020    
It seems that many people who would love to lose a little weight focuses mainly on increasing their cardio to do so. However, they may be overlooking the fact that strength training can help a person lose weight as well.

How to Energise Your Workouts

Date: Jan 29, 2020    
It's true that discipline and routine are the best way to get results, but it all can become very mundane doing the same training over and over again. But it does not have to be this way. There are ways you can energise your workouts so you will not be able to wait to get into the gym again.

How to Set New Fitness Goals in 2020

Date: Jan 15, 2020    
Just like you need to change up your workouts here and there to keep things interesting, you also need to switch up your fitness goals as well. Now that 2020 has begun, now is a great time to set realistic goals for both the near future and six months down the road to help you maintain enthusiasm for your training. Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting your fitness goals into place.

5 Training Tips to make your 40s the best years of your life

Date: Dec 19, 2019    
Sometimes we use age as an excuse for it being more difficult to stay in shape. Our metabolism slows down and muscle mass usually starts to dwindle away slowly. But, 40 is not old, and is definitely not the time to slow down! Here are five training tips you should want to incorporate in your 40s so you remain fit for decades after.

4 Bodyweight Exercises to Improve Upper-Body Strength

Date: Dec 19, 2019    
You don’t always need a loaded gym packed with strength training machines to work on your muscles. There are things you can do right in the comfort of your own home that will give you a great workout. Here are four strength training exercises that will improve your upper body in no time.

6 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy Over the Festive Season

Date: Dec 19, 2019    
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and festivities are good for the soul. To help you stay on track here are seven ways to stay fit and healthy over this festive season.

How to Keep Your Nutrition Simple to Achieve Your Goals

Date: Dec 19, 2019    
If you think about it long enough, you can probably name ten different popular diets that are supposed to help people become healthier. In addition, you can probably name another ten celebrities that endorse dieting products as well. However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. There is one simple answer to the question of “What is the best way to achieve my goal?” – Consistency! If you cannot do it long term, then you risk setting yourself up for failure.

How Your Sleep Is Impacting Your Workouts

Date: Dec 19, 2019    
It is perfectly normal to focus on time with our family, working responsibilities, eating the right food, having some down time and fitting training time in but this leaves little focus on something vital…Sleep! Long hours and a poor or irregular sleep routine can massively impact our health and wellbeing. We all know the feeling of being a bit cranky when not getting our full nights sleep, well so do our muscles.

7 Fitness Training Tips for Seniors

Date: Nov 26, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
As we get more mature there is a thought of slowing down, and for those who haven’t been into weight training previously the term “I am too old for that” often comes up! Well there are research studies that show the best way of staying young is to keep on maintaining a fitness routine (or starting one) as the years go by. Here are seven fitness training tips that will make all seniors feel much younger than the age on their driver’s license.

Better Eating Tips for the Festive Season to Keep Your Weight Loss Goals

Date: Nov 26, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
Christmas is coming and it is OK to enjoy yourself with your family. There are so few things that you can really control in life, but what you put into your mouth is one of them. Use these tips to maintain moderation and self- control as summer sets in and the holidays start to take over.


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