Q: How can I find which club is near me?

A: To find out which club is closest to you, please visit the find a gym page or to start a trial visit the Free Trial page fill in your postcode and press search. This will show you a list of your closest Genesis Fitness Clubs with their contact details. You can also apply for a 5 day free pass.

Q: What age do you need to be to train at Genesis Fitness?

A: Please contact your local Club regarding the minimum age for training as local policies may vary. Most clubs offer memberships for people aged 12+. A parent or guardian will be required to assist you to complete membership forms. If you are under the age of 16 years, you must be accompanied by someone older than 18 years of age.

Q: Does Genesis have a student discount?

A: Individual clubs do provide a student membership. You will need to show your student identification on sign up to be eligible for the membership.
Please enquire at your local club to see if they offer this type of membership.

Q: Who do I contact regarding direct debit or payments?

A: If you have any questions regarding payments or if you would like to change your payment details, please contact the club you are a member of directly.

Q: How do I update personal and/or account details?

A: You can update your personal details by contacting the club you are a member of either in person or by email.

Q: Can I suspend my membership?

A. Most memberships have suspension available, this provides the flexibility to pause your membership due to travel and/or illness for a small service fee. To find out if suspension is available on your membership please refer to your membership agreement or ask your local club.

Suspension options vary from club to club but typically clubs offer a minimum suspension time of two weeks and maximum of six weeks, which resets every 12 months. If you require a suspension beyond any of the above parameters you may submit a request via email to the club manager or submit your suspension request via our online form here. Suspensions do not rollover or accumulate.

Q: When can I cancel my membership?

A: We understand that circumstances change or that you may move from the area and need to cancel your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership at any stage, please contact your club directly.
Additionally, here are some important things to understand about cancelling your Genesis membership:
All direct debit memberships are set to a rolling term once your initial term expires
Direct debit memberships have a set term that automatically rolls over to a month-to-month agreement once the minimum term has expired. If you would like your payments to automatically stop at the end of your minimum term, please put your intention in writing (email) to the club manager.
Most memberships require 30 days' notice period to cancel.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: Notification to cancel your membership must be submitted in writing to the club manager or submit your cancellation request via our online form here. You will still enjoy access to the club in the final 30 days so you can continue your training. A small amount of memberships will not be required to give 30 days’ notice; this is outlined on your membership contract in the special conditions.
If you would like to cancel your membership within the 7 day cooling off period, please contact the club and put your cancellation request in writing to the club manager. This can be done by email or by handing the letter off in person at the club.
If you would like to cancel your membership based on a permanent disability or serious illness, please put your request in writing along with a letter from a medical practitioner detailing the disability or illness. Please be advised this is done at the discretion of the club you are a member of.



Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Our gyms are very welcoming of guests. We have plenty of guest passes and free trials for your friends and family to use if they are interested in joining the club.
For friends and family returning to the club to use it more we have casual visit rates available to them. Please enquire at your local gym for the best way to get your friends and family training with you.

Q: When is the quietest time to work out?

A: During the week the clubs are usually busy before work, at lunch time and after work. If you prefer a quieter time to work out drop in at the following time slots:

• 9am - 11.30am
• 2pm - 5pm

Q: What should I bring to the gym?
A: If you want to work out at a Genesis gym, make sure to bring the following:

• Towel. You’ll need your own towel to dry off and to wipe down equipment after use so it’s sweat-free for the next member. Towel hire is offered at most clubs.
• Water bottle. Make sure you have some water on hand before, during and after a work out! It is important you stay hydrated during exercising. If you forgot your water bottle, you can purchase water from the reception.
• A lock. Some of the Genesis clubs offer the use of the lockers which only work if you have your own lock on hand. Please contact your Genesis club for more information.

Q: What are terms and conditions of working out at Genesis Fitness?
A: To ensure the Fitness Club is able to provide a high level of service in a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for all, members must comply with the following conditions:

• a. Entry will be refused or a person request to leave the centre if the person:
i. Is abusive or uses offensive language or whose behaviour is threatening or
ii. Is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• b. No smoking is permitted in the club.
• c. No chewing gum is permitted in the club.
• d. Sweat towels must be used at all times.
• e. Weights must be returned to their correct place after use.
• f. Correct training attire and runners must be worn in the club – no jeans, work clothes, boots sandals, thongs, or clothing that is likely to cause offence to others are not permitted.
• g. No person under the age of 16 is permitted in the Club unless accompanied by a guardian or qualified instructor.
• h. No food is permitted in the club or group exercise classes.
• i. No entry to a group exercise class 5 minutes after it starts.


Should you be interested to find out more about a business or franchise oppportunity with Genesis Fitness, please read more about these via our Business or Franchise pages.